The research group S:TEP (Substance-related and related disorders: therapy, epidemiology and prevention) focuses on population-based approaches to addiction and health behaviour.

Research focus

The spectrum includes studies on epidemiology, diagnostics and interventions in substance-related and non-substance-related risk behaviours and addictions. Previous studies have focused on the substances alcohol, tobacco and drugs as well as pathological gambling and internet addiction. Natural courses of addictions, measures of early intervention, relatives of addictions and computer/internet-supported interventions are further focal points.

Group members

  • PD Dr Hans-Jürgen Rumpf (psychologist)
  • Dr Gallus Bischof (psychologist)
  • Dr Anja Bischof (MPH)
  • Dominique Brandt (psychologist)
  • Bettina Besser (psychologist)
  • Hannah Hoffmann (psychologist)
  • Svenja Orlowski (psychologist)
  • Samantha Schlossarek (psychologist)
  • Tjorven Stahmer (psychologist)
  • Annika Trachte (psychologist)

Publications & Funding

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