Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorders

Originally focusing on obsessive-compulsive and related disorders (OCD) our group investigates neural systems underlying psychopathology and information processing.

Research focus

Rather than trying to delineate neurocognitive disorder characteristics we are interested in general, transdiagnostic principles of information processing deficits using multimodal approaches. Therefore we started investigating excitation-inhibition balance at the scale of biologically plausible local neural network models (in silico) for the visual cortex, MRS-measured GABA/Glutamate levels and psychophysical paradigms targeting excitation-inhibition balance probing perceptual deficits first in schizophrenia, then in panic disorder, before finally targeting again OCD spectrum disorders. Moreover, network dynamics following various therapeutic interventions are of particular interest. Neural predictors and correlates of cognitive-behavioral interventions in OCD, Anxiety or Depression are investigated using fMRI, DTI, VBM, EEG and Proton-MRS. We started to study biological interventions including deep-brain stimulation and ketamine from the scale of local field potentials to systemic and clinical effects within interdisciplinary collaborations.

Group members

  • Dr Bartosz Zurowski (psychiatrist)
  • Antonie Rubart (psychologist)
  • Dr Helena Rogg (physician)
  • Vivien Dittner (psychologist)

Publications & Funding

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