Translational Psychiatry

Our research focuses on the pathophysiology of mental disorders, their early detection, and their prevention and treatment.

Research focus

The Translational Psychiatry team conducts interdisciplinary research in several key areas revolving around psychotic disorders including their prediction, neurofunctional and cognitive mechanisms, and the efficacy of potential innovative treatments such as cannabinoids.

We also run a variety of pharmacological, clinical, and intervention studies. For these studies, we use methods including structural and functional neuroimaging, computational modelling, deep brain stimulation, metacognitive training, and genetics.

For more information on our current and previous work, visit the following pages:

Group members

  • Prof Dr Stefan Borgwardt (psychiatrist)
  • Prof Dr Christina Andreou (psychiatrist)
  • Dr Mihai Avram (psychologist)
  • Dr Frederike Buschmann (physician)
  • Dr Léon Franzen (neuroscientist)
  • Dr Alexandra Korda (biomedical engineer)
  • Dr Helena Rogg (physician)
  • Sofia Eickhoff (psychologist & PhD candidate)
  • Marco Heide (psychiatrist)
  • Frederike Schröpfer (occupational therapist)
  • Kris Sievert (physician)

Publications & Funding

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