Official Opening of the Baltic Early Treatment Service (BEATS) Lübeck

A new outpatient service for the early detection of mental disorders

The Zentrum für Integrative Psychiatrie (ZIP; UKSH) and Fachklinik für Junges Leben (JuLe; Diakonie Nord Nord Ost) join forces to realize a new service for young outpatients aged 15 – 35 years. Particularly in this age range, early detection and intervention is important as it improves clinical outcomes and can allow the patients to resume normal life, education or work.

The official opening of this service was celebrated at a Symposium at the European Hansemuseum in Lübeck on March 1st. The invited expert Prof. Benno Schimmelmann provided the attendees with fascinating insights from his wealth of experience in the early detection and intervention of psychotic disorders in adolescents. Subsequently, the new heads of BEATS Prof. Stefan Borgwardt and Dr. Lipp presented their invaluable insights on early detection and intervention approaches in young adults. Lastly, the two doctoral heads Dr. Mareike Kallmeyer and Kris Sievert guided the expert audience through the service’s offerings and workings.

People can be sign up to BEATS themselves or get signed up by their relatives, educators, psychologist, social worker, doctor or psychiatrist. Please use the following contact information for signing up or enquiries:, phone: 0451 500-98710 (ZIP), phone: 0451 4002-50400 (Fachklinik für Junges Leben)

More information is available on the BEATS website (in English and German) or in the official press release.

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