Social Neuroscience

Our research focuses on how social interactions and the feedback we receive from such interactions shape our understanding of ourselves and others.

Research focus

We assume that any current understanding of ourselves and others is shaped by how we were integrated into social structures in the past. At the same time, every current social interaction has a strong influence on our future social behavior and the way we will construct and understand ourselves. Specifically, we are interested in the behavioral and physiological manifestations of the underlying psychological processes and their relevance for applied clinical research. On the basis of psychological concepts, we develop experimental paradigms that make it possible to pursue these questions in interactive and ecologically valid environments.

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Group members

  • Prof Dr Sören Krach (psychologist)
  • Dr Laura Müller-Pinzler (psychologist)
  • Dr Lena Rademacher (psychologist)
  • Alexander Schröder (psychologist)
  • Nora Czekalla (psychologist)
  • Johanna Voges (physician)
  • Janine Stierand (psychologist)

Publications & Funding

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