Psychedelics in Psychiatry – Development and Current State in Germany

Clinical research on the therapeutic efficacy of psychedelics is currently experiencing a renaissance. Available scientific evidence on their efficacy in various psychiatric conditions, as well as their legally approved use in some countries of the world, show the possibility of their future application in clinical practice also in Germany. The field is facing substantial challenges that have to be addressed, such as defining and setting a suitable clinical frame. This manuscript deals with the historical background of the clinical application of psychedelics, as well as the psycho-phenomenology, modes of action, possible indications and aspects of safety. The current research status in Germany and the organization of professional societies are discussed in a historical and international context and attention is drawn to unresolved critical issues in the field.

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Herwig, U., …, Borgwardt, S., & Gründer, G. (2023). Psychedelika in der Psychiatrie – Entwicklungen und die Stellung in Deutschland [Psychedelics in Psychiatry – Development and Current State in Germany]. Fortschritte der Neurologie-Psychiatrie91(7-08), 311–318.

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