New publication out in Biological Psychiatry CNNI!

Our new publication on “Characterizing thalamocortical (dys)connectivity following d-amphetamine, LSD, and MDMA administration” (Avram et al., 2022) in Biological Psychiatry CNNI shows that prototypical psychostimulants, empathogens, and psychedelics evoke thalamocortical-hyperconnectivity with sensorimotor areas, similar to findings in patients with psychosis, but differentially influence thalamocortical-connectivity with prefrontal-limbic cortices.

Check out the publication here:

Avram, M., Müller, F., Rogg, H., Korda, A., Andreou, C., Holze, F., Vizeli, P., Ley, L., Liechti, M. E., & Borgwardt, S. (2022). Characterizing thalamocortical (dys)connectivity following d-amphetamine, LSD, and MDMA administration. Biological psychiatry. Cognitive neuroscience and neuroimaging, S2451-9022(22)00096-9. Advance online publication.

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